Siiri Lepola
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Siiri Lepola Design Portfolio - project Last Supper Museum


The last supper museum

extending the experience

Spring 2016, Siiri Lepola / Emerenziana Broglio / Gianluca Carella / Panayiota Vasileiadou / Ziyu Zhou

DESIGN AND PLACE, extending the last supper

While studying at Politecnico di Milano (2015 - 2016), a space design course Environment and Experience Studio was organized in collaboration with the Last Supper Museum. Our task was to get to know the museum and its customers, choose a specific area of focus and create a space design solution improving the overall museum experience.

This museum hosts one of the world's most famous work of art. In our concept we wanted to create the memorable moment it deserves.

Our team pursued giving more life to the museum, connecting it with the surrounding area.  This is why we chose to focus on one of the beautiful cloisters of Santa Maria delle Grazie and made it open for the visitors of the museum.

At the end of the course we held an one week-long exhibition of all course projects in the Bramante Sacristy.



Fuorisalone 2017 exhibition

  • Politecnico di Milano, School of Design hosted a major exhibition of educational projects during Fuorisalone 4. - 9.4.2017 (Milan Design Week)
  • Our team project was selected for the exhibition

Link to our booklet

(Pdf, 60 Mb)


Customer journey


Plans & Sections


visual identity

creating a coherent style


Cenacolo Vinciano - website concept

  • Official and recognizable website
  • Clear visual identity
  • Offering historical information about the Museum
  • Offering historical information about Santa Maria delle Grazie and the surrounding areas
  • Easier booking (no need to register beforehand)
  • Social media links
  • Including the purchase of souvenirs

Customizable souvenirs

We wanted to create something for the waiting time between the booking to the actual visit, this time is usually between1 to 3 months. Our secondary agenda was to create a connection between the museum and the monastery.

The monks have a long history and traditions in making Grappa. Monks used to grow their own herbs for giving a specific taste for the grappa. After adding the herbs, the grappa needs 1 to 3 months of rest for developing the flavour.

A special souvenir - your own customized grappa waiting for you at the gift shop!

While booking online, visitors are able to design the label, text and choose a taste for their bottle of grappa. Grappa bottles comes in two sizes: 750ml and 100ml, the smaller bottle is possible to bring by plane.



The ticket can be used as a coaster after the visit

The ticket can be used as a coaster after the visit


updating the premises