Siiri Lepola

Siiri Lepola Design Portfolio - project Beneq Home


The loving beneq home

future of beneq displays

Autumn 2016, Siiri Lepola / Tilda Jyräsalo / Maija Mäenpää / Yiding Zhang / Yuze Wang

using a scenario to create new concepts

Aalto University’s Product Architecture Design course (2016) had a cooperation with Beneq. A company providing thin film coatings and display technologies. The task was to find new, innovative, futuristic ideas and uses for Beneq - displays.

Our team approached the brief from Beneq by developing a strong future scenario. Our proposed ideas are part of a futuristic system and they are communicated through the ‘Beneq World’.

At the end of the project our team created a booklet of Beneq World, a 1:10 scale model of the Loving Beneq Home and plenty of visual materials to support our vision.


beneq world - scenario


Loving beneq home


The home loves you and you love it back

The loving Beneq Home collects information about its residents. The Home knows who you are, it cares about you. It increases the feeling of belonging by meeting your personality perfectly. The Loving Beneq Home takes care of you and your safety.

The idea behind the Home concept is to bring artificial intelligence closer to humans in a friendly way, creating mutual caring: The home loves you and you love it back. The loving home interacts with you by using Beneq displays that are integrated to the apartment.

You can find our course projects here.


displays in a city context


smart city system

Citizens seek for their full potential through self-actualization in different activities that are provided by the city infrastructure. Robots are the new assets in city infrastructure collecting data and studying human-beings.

The whole system is based on the data of personalities and talents to keep up the happiness, mental well-being and meaningfulness of life. Beneq displays are everywhere in the city, serving the citizens in their everyday tasks.