Siiri Lepola

Siiri Lepola Design Portfolio - project PureBox



a water purifier for developing countries

Autumn 2014, Siiri Lepola / Ilmari Saari / Lara Jasim

Designing a plastic case for advanced technology

PureBox is a conceptual solar-powered water purifying device based on technology developed in Aalto University’s Design Factory. This water purifying device is intended for developing countries. I was part of a group of three that created everything from sketches to the final 3D - print. PureBox is a result of a material and manufacturing course.

The task was to create a water purifier that uses UV-light and titanium dioxide for the purification process. We were given five components that needed to be included within the device. Another challenge was to consider the manufacturing costs of the device (approximately 10 € /each).


The components

  • UV-light
  • Battery
  • Circuit panel
  • Power switch
  • Solar panel

pure box

Our team wanted to keep all the exterior surfaces clean, this is why we designed the solar panel under a sliding cover. User can reveal info-graphics by sliding the solar panel off. Under the panel they can see visual instructions on how to use the device. 

At the end of the course we were able to make 1:1 prototype of our PureBox with a 3D - printer and place all the real components within.