An Interactive guide for immigrants

Spring 2015, Siiri Lepola / Maija Mäenpää / Tilda Jyräsalo

Improving e-services with service design methods

An interactive guide Väylä was created in collaboration with Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). Our task was to get to know to our partner company and create a service design solution based on our insights and discoveries.

Migri is an agency that processes and decides on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues, and Finnish nationality.  We noticed that the issues Finnish Immigration Service is dealing with are complex and that the applying processes were not clear enough.

Our team produced an user-centered interactive solution, Väylä, to be part of the website of Finnish Immigration Service fixing the occurred problems in the e-services.


Check out Väylä - prototype

Notice: Finnish citizenship path working completely - others as a reference


our process

Background research
  • Visits to Finnish Immigration Service
  • Customer journey mapping
  • End-user interviews
  • Survey for the phone customer service employees
  • Analysing the customer satisfaction survey 
  • Complex processes
  • Information is in many places
  • To clarify instructions and guidance
  • Improve the websites for customers' point of view
Key findings
  • A need to promote customers’ independent use of e-services
  • Image issues are strongly related to the user experiences
  • A need to pay attention to customers’ own application processes

Service paths