Siiri Lepola

Siiri Lepola Design Portfolio - project Chalkit



a portable drawing kit for little artists

Autumn 2015, Siiri Lepola / Denise Lucente / Ruoshi Yang / Lucia Cammarano / Areej Atallah

draw & play anywhere

Chalkit is a smart and portable drawing kit. It allows you to draw and play anywhere. It is a great solution to entertain kids in the urban environment. Chalkit allows children to bring their own drawing set anywhere, turning each moment of waiting into something fun and joyful. Kids can create their own stories on the blackboard of the kit or draw directly on the ground when being outdoors.

Give your children the impulse to creativity.

Chalkit is a soft, foldable bag that includes one blackboard, 8 chalks, a sponge and four city cards with urban elements. The product is pleasant to touch and easy to clean. The blackboard is removable, which allows you to wash the bag.

Chalkit is a result to an Innovation Studio course during my exchange year at Politecnico di Milano (2015 - 2016).