Siiri Lepola

Siiri Lepola / About Me


Passion for translating abstract concepts into clear visual form


Photo by Tilda Jyräsalo

Hi there!

I am Siiri Lepola, a Helsinki - based designer. I'm currently enjoying my studies in Collaborative and Industrial Design - Master's program in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. 

My assets lye in holistic design thinking, visualization and wild ideation. I'm used to work independently as well as in variable-sized groups. What I’m most passionate about is translating abstract concepts into clear visual form.

Overcoming new challenges and finding myself in the middle of a new case are an endless source of enthusiasm and motivation to me. I have an open-minded, positive attitude towards work and I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone ensuring the best possible end result.

As a person I'm social and initiative. I like to spend my spare time outdoors preferably doing sports. I appreciate a service-minded work community where even wild ideas are welcome. I’m always curious about new opportunities and eager to learn more! It is nice to meet you.

    - Siiri